The online Japanese language class started on January 13, 2021.

This class uses the ZOOM app and hopes to help Technical intern trainees and Specific skilled workers.


We are going to hold 2 courses every Wednesday, the 1st period is 18: 30-19: 10 and the 2nd period is 19: 20-20: 00.

Each class is 40 min and the tuition fee is 6,000 yen for 3 months (12 weeks).

*Courses are classified into JLPT N4 level and N3 level.



Let’s join us to improve your Japanese language skill!


The way to attend the class


1. Contact to Osaka Com or charge of the class.


2. Install the ZOOM app and complete the initial registration.


3. Take the mock exam before the class.


4. We provide the homework for next week class so try to finish it and attend to the class.



We also have trial lesson!


First of all, please attend to this trial lesson.

Trial lesson is "Free" for one month.

Apply to the main class the person who wants to continue the study after the trial lesson.


* Even in the trial lesson, you need to install the ZOOM app and take a mock exam.

ZOOM Download




Mock test

This week's homework

This is the entry button of the class.

Click the image on the left at the time class starts.

Then automatically jump to the ZOOM meeting room.

The standby screen will be displayed, and the class will start when teacher opens his/her account.



PASSWORD : nihongo

(ZOOM Meeting ID:503 860 5615)


* If you cannot enter to the ZOOM meeting room, please enter your ZOOM ID and PASSCODE.


* The ZOOM ID and PASSCODE will be changed every time after paid period starts.


Record of lesson content


Please check the video on this page after the class.

1. One lecture is 40 min.
The online lecture will start on time due to the function of the Zoom app which will be shut down in 40 min.
Please enter with the same ZOOM ID when you take the CLASS 1 and CLASS 2.
* Note: ZOOM ID will change in every 4 weeks.
During January 2021, click the following then automatically jump to the Zoom and be able to attend the online lecture.



※Please note that the image at the entrance of the classroom will change from time to time.

→You will see the waiting room on the screen when you enter before the time of the online lecture so plese wait the start of online lecture.
 The online lecture starts when the teacher opens his/her account.
 Please allow that all participants' faces will be shown on the display including your face. 
2. Teacher will share the textbook on the screen.
You can enlarge the screen with your fingers when you want so see the textbook more clearly even if you are using the smartphone.
3. Please restraint the questions during the lecture. (Teacher sets mute the all participant's microphones.)
Please raise your hand in the Q&A time if you have any questions.
The teacher cannot complete the lecture on time if you talk during it so please cooperate with us. 
4. It might occur some echos which is hard to listen the online lecture if you are too close to the other participants using the speakers.
We recommend you to use the headphones due to noise trouble with others. 


We are going to explain more details in the online lecture. 

Participants * Will be come out after the Special supporting campaign *